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High Impact Roundtables is a new version of a familiar offer - MASTERMINDS. Although similar, this one is different.  While we accept invites, and welcome inquiries always, we will accept participants only after careful review and we are committed to creating environments that not only are confidential and safe, but also as the title says, provide high impact to the individual.


The HIRT offering has been a perfect developmental tool, for rising stars in small to midsize companies, CEOs in a startup environment, senior executives looking to level up, and managers aspiring to finally authentically step into a leadership role.  In the past we have seen rapid personal growth, joint venture creations amongst attendees, co-creative partnerships and 10X impact to the bottomline of organizations.  

All HIRT offerings are is personally facilitated by Stephan K Thieringer. To learn more about Stephan, please click here.

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