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We serve individuals, teams, and entire corporations.  

Years of coaching hundreds of clients, the understanding and application of neuroscience and behavioral patterns, Stephan's overall holistic approach, his keen business sense, mentorship and coaching impact as well as his truly global expertise put him on the list of 2023 TOP GLOBAL GURUS 

according to  In 2020, the World Human Resource Congress and the World Coaching Conference, named Stephan one of the "2020 - TOP 101 MOST FABULOUS COACHING LEADERS IN THE WORLD".


We serve and support titans of industry, leaders, managers, senior executives, seasoned and not so seasoned entrepreneurs, and their teams as well as solo-preneurs. We are being retained by companies or individuals looking to impact the results and patterns of human behavior and their actions. 

We work with VC groups looking to better nurture and grow their investments, large corporations in their pursuit of a better and more impactful culture with the understanding that better engagement and happier employees, knowing they matter, drives higher productivity and impacts attrition


We facilitate effective communication amongst executive teams, we serve and support executives and managers to engage more intentionally with their teams and we serve family businesses in driving decisions addressing succession planning. 


We help boards to find the next CEO and we serve and support teams to find alignment to become highly effective cross-functional teams and tribes.

We have worked with Olympic Athletes, judges, politicians, fashion makers, health care executives, artists, lawyers, real estate developers, bankers and educators, small business owners and executives of Fortune 100 companies 


To help you learn more about coaching, here is an article for your perusal and download. 

The Power of Coaching

Connect with us and let's explore how we can best serve and support you. Send us an email to or simply schedule a call here.

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